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Sri Sedana is one of the leading organic body jewelry made of various organic materials that are environmentally friendly, earrings are made from wood, cow bones, and we also made a buffalo horn earrings, piercing of high quality brass materials are free of nickel.We serve wholesalers at competitive prices and quality is assured, we have a lot of design piercing made of horn, bone cow or buffalo as well as wood.
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Fake Gauge piercing

Bone fake piercing or fake gauge , Fake bone piercing They are “fake gauge”, they will fit in any ear with a normal size piercing, but have gauged look. They are carved on both sides and have an outstanding quality, hand made by bali carver

This Sweet fern piercing style

This Sweet fern bali style ear fake gauge piercing made from cow bone/ water buffalo bone with high quality carving. The posts are made from non-allergic nickel-free stainless steel. Fake Gauge white bone earrings that fancy hand made from salvage water buffalo bone, New design with post that make earring into split to give a strectched look. Earring are made for regular pierced ears.

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Organic Product Update
Below some bone carving and piercing we have been make , you will able to request new design or model , just send an images or sketch event only idea we will happy make your private design , we will never production your design to other customer i have , that will your private design
Util Kerang Bali pie...
$ 16.00
Love leaf piercing
$ 16.00
Wood Cakra inlay Sea...
$ 17.00
Util Bali Piercing
$ 14.00
Spike earrings Fake ...
$ 7.00
Zigza Piercing Bone
$ 10.00
Util Fake Gauge
$ 13.00
Spiral fake gauges e...
$ 14.00
Wings fake gauges ea...
$ 17.00
Horn Fake Piercing
$ 12.00
Horn fake gauge orga...
$ 8.50
Horn Fake Piercing
$ 12.00
Branding and Packaging
We alson can branding or packaging your product , make a box or other packaging
News Update
Balinese Bone Carver
Tuesday, 02 June 2009 08:23:10
All organic product sale in Srisedana.com hand made products are made by Balinese talented carver which reflects Balinese art and culture. In photo a balinese carver engraving organic material to make an a beutiful carving, organic material we can engravin such as cow bone, buffalo horn, wood and leather shell of a friendly environment. if you need more information about our product please contact us more
Organic Water Buffalo Piercing
Wednesday, 20 May 2009 08:49:49
Organic Water Buffalo Piercing made from buffalo horn which many find in indonesia. How many people use as water buffalo horn piercing because of the color and strength is very good and safe for the environment. The craftsman carved in bali now many use as a water buffalo horn piercing materials and crafts, lots of piercing design now made of buffalo horn to see its results, please click on our product menu on the left side, and Register as a member so we get the wholesale price. more
Organic Bone and Horn Ring
Thursday, 20 May 2010 20:39:39
Rings is the most famous jewelry and lot of people wear it.Ring are usually made of precious metals like silver and gold, in sri Sedana we make something different by making the ring design using cow horns and bones which more
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